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ABA Therapy Services

Individualized Programs To Meet a Variety of Needs

Online Studies
Washing Hands
Kids Playing Tug of War

1:1 Direct Therapy

Your child will be partnered with one technician during therapy, where they will focus on the goals that have been established, as well as utilize natural learning opportunities that will present themselves throughout the course of their day. 

Daily Living Skills

Attempting toilet training? Do you have a picky eater? We will create a stress-free environment that will allow your child to learn and become independent with various daily living skills. 

Social Skills

Initiating conversation or participating in group activities can be difficult, especially for those that have Autism. Social group activities will be available for those that are seeking additional support with complex social skills and strengthening social relationships. 

Parent involvement plays an important role in the progress of the child and the effectiveness of ABA therapy. Along with your child’s treatment, the BCBA will coordinate scheduled meetings with the parent to assist with generalizing skills the child has learned into therapy and applying it to everyday life. This time will also be spent communicating any questions or concerns that may arise along the way.

Family Walking

Parent Training and Involvement 

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