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Where to begin?

Many emotions can arise when your child receives a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our team is here to help navigate through the next steps for your child and your family to assure beginning ABA therapy is full of comfort and ease. 

Step One: Confirm an ASD Diagnosis

To qualify for ABA therapy, an ADOS-2 evaluation will first need to be conducted. Contact your insurance provider for approved ADOS-2 evaluation sites. 


Step Two: Initial Intake 

After the ADOS-2 evaluation has been completed, we will contact your insurance provider and obtain authorization to start the ABA assessment. We will also gather general information and discuss any needs to prepare for the upcoming assessment. 


Step Three: ABA Assessment

During this meeting, we will ask questions regarding goals for your child and overall expectations for therapy. We will also complete a direct observation with your child to get to know them and identify their strengths.


Step Four: Begin ABA Therapy 

A set schedule will be created for your child’s therapy and a start date will be assigned for services to begin. You will meet your team of technicians and BCBA’s, who will be there to assist you with any future needs throughout your child’s time with Milestones Autism Center.

More Questions?

For more information regarding this process, contact our office at 586-945-4449 or email

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